10 Questions with Maranda Nichols

September 9


As a Hollywood film and TV costume designer, Maranda Nichols is uniquely qualified to merge the world of NFTs with high-quality visual production and sustainability. With a background in storytelling through costumes and fashion, Maranda is determined to create an NFT collection that is truly special. Through her Wild Wolf Witch NFT project, she is also hoping to show that NFTs can be used to create a sustainable brand. Today she’s talking to us about her story and what inspired her to launch an NFT collection.

1. Tell us your story. What do you do? 

I’m a Costume Designer and Stylist for Film, TV, and Music industries. I love my work but have never been able to confine my creativity to one genre, medium, or platform. The world is full of so much inspiration. I’ve entered the NFTs and the Web3 world with a fresh non-tech perspective, and with the excitement and freedom for expansion and limitlessness. I created Wild Wolf Witch over the past year, an NFT collection, brand, and a project that shortly will also become a TV show. Wild Wolf Witch is a world where every community pack member can feel free and held. It’s full of witches, wolves, cats, and zebra, and every magical creature you didn’t even know existed. We are bringing a little more magic into Web3, and reminding everyone a little more laughter can be a tool, while still being fully unique and professional. The collection will be focused on sustainable efforts to Save the Wolves, Save the Joshua Tree’s, and gain a full perspective on the impact we have on the environment and shine brighter along the way.

Image Credit: Maranda Nichols

2. Talk to us about your start in the Web 3 and NFT community. As a costume designer and stylist, how did you make the pivot into crypto? 

It’s been a natural addition for me! As a visual artist, I’m always looking at new mediums of creative expression. As soon as I heard about Web3 and NFTs I was immediately intrigued due to the nature of the visual art. One of my biggest struggles in the Film & TV Industry is we have zero ownership or rights to our designs. Anything we create is owned by the studio or production company. A lot of times we aren’t credited when our work is on public display. The industry as a whole has always been very personally creatively fulfilling to me, but Costume Designers are paid significantly less than their counterparts on set, and for a position that’s so vital to what an audience member sees and feels while watching their entertainment, our roles in a general sense are not widely respected. I want to help change that perspective through my approach in Web3 & NFTs.

3. What are some misconceptions about NFTs and Web3? 

There are so many misconceptions about NFTs and Web3. For example, many say that our western society needs more IRL connections and less screen time. To which I fully agree, but if you get into these communities you’ll find the people behind the PFP care about one another, that boost each other up, that want you to thrive, and that planned activity and meet-ups in REAL life. NFTs and Web3 are a great way for many people to find new connections, friendships, and even business partners every single day. While also exploring new career opportunities, plus we all remind each other to go outside, touch grass and look at the sky.

4. What do you respond when people say NFTs are not sustainable and bad for the environment?

This topic is something extremely important to me and it’s great to see the Web3 & Crypto Industry as a whole working towards being better. I think this is going to continue to rapidly change with the current ETH merger, and it’s already making big changes with market stabilization and significantly cutting its carbon footprint. Another different coin that’s known for being eco-friendly is Cardano.

5. Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by so many aspects of the world. Mainly for me it’s my spirituality, my husband, 3 rescue huskies, cat, my friends, nature, our Joshua Tree ranch and making the world a little bit better of a place… in a real Miss Congeniality sort way. 

6. What’s one thing people don’t know about you? 

I’m shy and quiet until I know I can trust someone, once I let you into my trusted circle you’ll see a completely different side to me. Also the Scorpion sting is for real. 

7. As a creative person, where do you seek inspiration in your day-to-day life?

Without a doubt, it’s from nature, my family & friends, and my dogs & cat. I need nature daily or I’m completely thrown out of whack. It can be in the middle of the desert, up in the mountains, or dipping my toes in the ocean, as long as I’m with more wild and less cement I’m a grounded, happy & inspired person.

8. What are some collections that are doing it right and have been an inspiration to you through this process? 

From a design aesthetic I’m obsessed with Global Kind NFT, Not So Dead, Guava Girls and Stardust Society. From a Global brand perspective and ingenuity its hands down WOW, Crypto Coven, Deadfellaz & Mavion.

9. What would you like to be remembered for? 

I want to be remembered for rescuing all the animals, living free, loving wildly, bringing laughter and joy into the world, and giving to others however best I can. 

10. Please share your website and social media handles.

Twitter @wildwolfwitch

Instagram @maranda.nichols.persico

Twitter @marandanichols     

TikTok @wildwolfwitchnft

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