10 Questions with Michelle Reeves

February 23


Michelle Reeves is an NFT and Crypto expert who is passionate about educating women about Web3. She is also the CEO and Co-founder of Mavion World, and WAGMI.NFT.

Michelle Reeves is a champion for a more equal world in the NFT and Crypto space. She’s creating an inclusive community that has garnered the attention of the industry. We are truly excited to chat with Michelle today about her upcoming collection and the advice she has for creators and investors!

Michelle Reeves

1. Talk to us about your NFT Collection and the inspiration behind it?

MAVION NFTs are four years in the making. Since 2018, our mission has been to uplift and support independent artisans and designers around the world. 

To build something uniquely robust and ready to thrive in Web3, we first started in Web2, where we identified the core challenges of the industry: independent designers cannot scale, are unable to reach new audiences, and have limited IP protection. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can overcome these problems and support these designers like never before. 

We have worked with over 450 independent designers from 26 countries launching limited-edition accessories and jewelry under our e-commerce brand, The Accessory Junkie.

We’ve traveled to every corner of the world to discover the most talented designers and curate limited edition fashion accessories that can’t be found anywhere else. Statement earrings from France, one-of-a-kind necklaces from Japan, bold clutches from Colombia, and beyond.

Now we are taking our most exciting trip yet, into the meta as MAVION.world.

Every MAVION NFT is unique and the artwork features a limited edition accessory or piece of jewelry, some accessories are rarer than others. NFT holders will receive the physical accessory featured in their NFT to wear in IRL. A total of 5,000 items, one per NFT will be given away to its respective holder throughout 2022-2023.

MAVION NFT holders will also unlock lifelong benefits as they receive a royalty in the event the accessory featured in their NFT is used in a metaverse/gaming/brand collaboration.

For our independent designers who make each physical piece by hand, they too will receive lifelong royalties from the secondary market sales of MAVION’s 5000 NFTs in this drop and they will share in the royalties from gaming and brand collaborations where their accessory is featured. 

For independent designers, MAVION NFTs turn their “small business” into lifelong livelihoods, and for our NFT holders, the fashion in their closets can now act as an investment that drives ETH into their wallets.

2.  How will your collection foster community?

When we think about building a strong and rewarding community at MAVION, there are two groups we are nurturing: our NFT holders, and the independent designers we work with. 

We have been very intentional in how we build the model for our NFTs. It was important that we layer dynamic benefits into our NFTs that are useful, meaningful, and value-driving to both groups, the designers, and NFT holders. 

For our independent designers: they will receive lifelong royalties from the secondary market sales of these 5000 NFTs as well as royalties from gaming or brand partnerships where their accessories are turned into gaming assets and skins. This ongoing revenue has the power to be life-changing for many designers as it turns their part-time hobbies into full-time, thriving livelihoods with the regular income they’ve not been able to rely on before.

For our NFT holders, we are activating their NFTs so it’s so much more than just a jpeg. It’s like holding a mini marketplace in their wallets. As we launch collaborations that feature their accessory or other features from their NFT, they too will receive royalties and benefits from those third-party partnerships.

3.  What exciting plans do you have for your NFT holders?

Our presale minting starts rolling out Feb 28 and public mint is March 3, Immediately following we are hosting an NFT roadshow from March 6 – 22, 2022. We are hosting IRL events in Santa Barbara, SF, LA, and NYC with the goal to widen the circle for an all-inclusive community in Web 3. Guest speakers including Maliha Abidi (Womenrise), Lisa Mayer (Boss Beauties), and Randi Zuckerberg will join MAVION as we help those who are new to NFTs open a wallet, learn about crypto security, hear from other NFT creators, and more. More details and RSVPs for our events will be found on Mavion.world soon.

4. We love the work that you are doing to advocate for women and crypto. What is the biggest advice you have for women trying to get into this space?

NFTs will change all our lives. How we interact, the types of businesses we build, our abilities to travel, our access to healthcare, access to luxury goods, access to everything!

Start learning about it now. It may seem scary but it’s not. Start by listening to one podcast or watching one video. I created a 90-day Handbook at Wagmi with Michelle for that reason. A simple resource to get you started with the basics: Open a wallet, Buy your first NFT, Scams to be wary of, etc. Just take it one step at a time.

5. What are some of your favorite female-led NFT collections?

I’m a big fan of Women and Weapons. When I first spoke to Sara Baumann, the founder and artist behind the project, we talked about her favorite weapons in the collection, she shared that the most powerful weapon women have is education. Well now, my heart stopped. I connected so deeply to that mission and saw the incredible vision she is building for this collection. I have been an avid collector of WaW since.

I adore a few PFP collections such as Long Neckie Ladies by Nyla Hayes, 1989 Sisters, Boss Beauties and I’ll always love World of Women, which was my first NFT purchase in 2021. For 1/1 art I’m constantly inspired by the colors and free forms of Amber Vittoria.

6. What would you like to be remembered for? 

Widening the circle for women in Web3. There is room for everyone to thrive here.

7. What’s one thing people don’t know about you? 

I prioritize time to learn, and always (always!) want to say yes but I have to remember to conserve energy. I love to dive into everything with full force – I’m up at 3 am messaging followers, checking the floor prices, making trades, and noting down ideas for partnerships and campaigns. I want to greet everyone with overflowing enthusiasm, all the time. However, I’ve learned that in order to give to others, I must manage my own energy physically and emotionally so I don’t burn out.  The main takeaway here is please know that while I might not be jumping for joy on the outside all the time, I am on the inside.

8. As a parent, what do you think is the best way to immerse them into NFTs, Metaverse etc?

Talk to them! I asked my 9yo and 7yo if they knew what an NFT was and they said “Yes!”. We talked about what NFTs do and how people use them. We had a fun conversation about it. Then, they asked me if I knew about the Nyan Cat NFTs. They knew so much more than I imagined they would. 

Since then, my son has helped select NFTs to purchase and has clicked “confirm” on the gas fees for a few trades. He was very proud when he and his sister made artwork and posted it to Opensea. It’s not available for sale, but it was a great experience for them to see the entire process from start to finish.

Our children are exposed to this new Web3 language already; they hear it from us, from the media, it’s in the music they listen to, the games they play, and throughout pop culture. Avoiding it would be pointless. I approach every topic with moderation. I don’t think any topic should be off-limits, instead, I look for the age-appropriate way to discuss it with them and evolve the conversation from there.

Since they both expressed interest in NFTs, we gave them an NFT for the holidays as well as a little Ethereum. They were excited about it!

My son recently was asked to play a small part in a TV commercial, he asked if he could be paid in Bitcoin! When asked where he heard of Bitcoin, he told me “Mr Beast!”

NFTs, crypto, and the idea of digital identity may seem new to many adults, for our children, it’s already normal.

9. What is one mistake you see people making with NFTs? 

For NFT creators, I want to remind them it’s not about how quickly your collection sells out when you mint. It’s about how long your NFT can remain relevant and drive value for all stakeholders, long after the mint. Too many collections that “sold out in hours” dip BELOW the original mint price 48 hrs after launch.

It doesn’t matter whether a collection sells out overnight or over a few months.  It is every NFT founder’s responsibility to steady the rocket ship that is their NFT collection. I always say it’s the first 7 days on the secondary market that matters the most.

Stability and consistency drive growth. Failure to do so can be tough to recover from.

For NFT collectors, I recommend you assess every NFT purchase with that in mind. Collections that do not think long-term, are not building blue-chip NFTs that will last.

10. What is your advice for NFT creators and founders:

1. Take time to build the right followers.

2. Find your core evangelists who love your mission and want to be there to build it with you.

3. Don’t be afraid to be picky with who you allow on your presale list.

These are the guiding principles as we build @mavionworld and @wagmi.nft when I speak to NFT founders and vet projects to feature. 

Quick-response questions: 

  1. Real life or MetaverseI want it all. Both!
  2. Describe yourself in a hashtag: #wagmiwithmichelle
  3. Best piece of advice you’ve received? Decide what to be, and go be it.

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