A Guide to the New Ragnarok Meta NFTs

June 13

By lourdes


There are lots of people who are excited about new video games, and there is one that combines crypto, anime, and video games all into one. That is Ragnarok Meta, which is a new blockchain game that focuses on the metaverse and NFTs. This is a fun RPG with a large following, with a strong community interested in everything this game has to offer.

The Ragnarok Meta NFT | Credit: Ragnarok

An Overview of the Ragnarok Meta NFT Game

The Ragnarok Meta NFT game is played in a web browser. It is a Web3 Multiplayer RPG (role-playing game). Before this game, there were not a lot of fun video games available in the crypto and NFT world. They have already been backed up by more than 77 chapters of Manga, which the team is planning on releasing during the next few years.
Furthermore, there are lots of game modes available. Players will be able to create their avatars. Then, they can decide how they want to explore the game. To enter the Ragnarok Meta universe, players have to get the Ronin NFTs. It includes everything from PvP to NFT crafting and trading to real estate investing. Each NFT comes with a wide variety of possible accessories, including VR headsets, x-ray classes, and fancy weapons that will give players an advantage in the game. The Ronin NFTs have been built using the Ethereum blockchain, while the game itself is available on Avalanche. In addition, $RAG is the main currency of the game. It will play an important role as players learn how to navigate the world in Ragnarok Meta.

What Does the Future Hold for Ragnarok Meta?

So far, Ragnarok Meta has stuck to its defined road map. Now, Ronin Zero NFTs are available, with animated in-game character art having been released as well. The marketplace for Ragnarok Meta itself should be released in June. This is where players can purchase, sell, and rent their Ronin NFTs. The first Manga chapter is also due to be released in June.
Already, there is a tremendous amount of anticipation surrounding this brand-new game. The game will continue to unfold gradually during the next few months. The creators are closely monitoring the game to see what players like, don’t like, and need to change. It is possible that this game could set the stage for future game development and the crypto world. It will be interesting to see what happens in Ragnarok Meta and the larger blockchain metaverse during the next few months.

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