A New NFT By Jim Carrey Is Out On Super Rare

August 9


Goon in the moonlight is the latest NFT artwork from comedia and actor Jim Carrey. Bidding on the digital art market Super Rare will start from Tuesday and continue until Thursday. This marks the second NFT release from the actor and illustrator, who debuted his first NFT earlier this month.

NFTs have been gaining popularity in the past year, with several high-profile artists and celebrities releasing their own NFTs. Carrey is only one of the latest to join this trend, and his Goon in the moonlight NFT is sure to generate some interest from collectors. The reserve price for the NFT is US$50,000 (approximately 29.6 Ethereum), with a portion of the sale benefitting the non-profit organization World Central Kitchen working to advance human and environmental health by improving food security in underserved communities.

Speaking about the new NFT, Carrey said: “I’m excited to continue my exploration of the NFT space with ‘Goon in Moonlight’. “This piece is a continuation of my journey into the world of digital art, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.”

“Sunshower” was Jim Carrey’s first NFT artwork, produced in association with filmmaker David Bushell, and was available exclusively on SuperRare. There were 21 bids, and the auction raised approximately US$105,000 (62.04 Ethereum) with proceeds benefit Feeding America, which operates over 200 food banks across the country. Buyer lives in New York and works as a designer, animator, and director, and nown as @deekaymotion in the Metaverse.

Whether you’re a fan of Jim Carrey or not, there’s no denying that NFTs are becoming a big deal in the world of digital art. It will be exciting to see how he continues to develop as an artist and how web3 continues to gain traction worldwide.

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