A Quick Guide To Everything About Okay Bears NFTs

July 5


The most popular non-fungible token (NFT) on Solana is Okay Bears. The collection has become so sought after that it’s now surpassed many other well-known trading platforms such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and CloneX, among others! The collection became the first Solana project to top OpenSea’s 24-hour ranking with over $18M in volume traded within hours of its launch!

Image Credit: Okay Bears

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Okay Bears are a 10,000 NFT collection released on the Solana blockchain back in April at a price of $150 per token (worth 1.5 SOL).  The collection is available both on OpenSea and Magic Eden. Okay Bear’s founders are anonymous but we do know that the team is made of 12 people! 

Roadmap Details:

The Okay Bears team has been hard at work on the roadmap, making the project extra appealing because they provide a level of transparency not usually seen in the NFT market. We believe that the strength of NFT projects often lies in their effort in roadmaps.

  • The Bear Market is an ecosystem of web 3, web 2, and IRL sales channels, exclusive for Okay Bears holders, built through robust partnerships with industry-leading brands. This will include IRL pop-up stores, token-only e-commerce with Shopify, and members-only perks with Magic Eden: Solana’s #1 marketplace.
  • A delightful Discord channel where we do things differently. A Discord with no OGs, no kings, and no peasants. A Discord where chill replaces grind and lo-fi good vibes and conversation flow endlessly across every hour in the day across every timezone on Earth.
  • A series of initiatives championing thought leadership and innovation across the Solana blockchain and its leading communities. This will include Digital and IRL speaking engagements, conferences, and licensing rights for holders. 

Where to Buy Okay Bears

This NFT collection is available on both OpenSea and Magic Eden platforms.

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