All Moonbirds’ NFTs have now become public domain

August 8


Today, Kevin Rose announced that Moonbirds NFTs will be released under a CC0 license. This means that the NFTs are now in the public domain, and anyone can use them for any purpose. This is a major change for the popular NFT project, and it will have a big impact on how people use and interact with NFTs. The move to a CC0 license shows that Moonbirds is committed to making NFTs more accessible and easy to use.

The release of Moonbirds NFTs under a CC0 license is a big win for the NFT community. It will make it easier for people to create and use NFTs, and it will help to further legitimize the use of NFTs.

CC0 license is a type of public domain license that allows creators to waive their copyright and related rights to their work. This means that anyone can use, modify, and distribute the work, even for commercial purposes, without asking for permission or giving credit to the creator.

The Moonbirds NFT project is a perfect example of how CC0 can be used in the real world. The project’s team has released all of their NFTs under a CC0 license, making them freely available for anyone to use and build upon.

Rose also announced that Moonbirds is about to get its own DAO! The Moonbirds DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) will be responsible for overseeing the general licensing of the Moonbirds and Oddities trademarks and preventing scams, hate speech, and violence within the community. Community members can expect to see changes to the project’s terms of service and website in the coming days. Stay tuned as the Moonbirds team will also host a Q&A session on August 5 at Moonbirds Twitter Spaces. This move signals a commitment by Rose to creating a safe and welcoming community for all collectors and fans of her work.

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