April 22

NettyArt NFT Podcast – Ape Coin Becomes The Most Valuable Metaverse Coin


NettyArt NFT Podcast Episode 3. In this short clip, we talk about Ape Coin Becomes The Most Valuable Metaverse Coin

Watch the full podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDhCo…

The NettyArt NFT Podcast discusses NFT News, Ratings, Upcoming Projects, and much more.

About the host: July Grullon is the Co-Founder and CEO at NettyArt July has been involved in multiple start-ups and businesses from luxury goods, motorsports & the payment industry. He has over a decade of experience in digital marketing & e-commerce. https://twitter.com/JulyGrullon_

Jonathan Colton Podcast Co-Host and Business Strategist at NettyArt Jonathan has been involved in start-ups and businesses from Healthcare & Consulting. He has over two decades of experience in business development, sales, and strategy. https://twitter.com/jlcolton


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