Boki: What Are They?

June 6

By lourdes


Boki is a collection of 7,777 unique characters who live in the World of Boki. Boki is a community-focused project centered around collaboration and connection. Their goal is to attract imaginative Dreamers and Adventurers who are passionate about learning and growing in Web3.

Image Credit: Boki

The three pillars of the Boki brand are: Community, Sustainability and Responsibility. Boki values what everyone brings to the collective experience as co-creators of this World. In order to achieve their goals, Boki plans on collaborating with their community members. The Boki community will serve as a hub where unique minds combine, come together, and create a respectful and loving place that everyone can call home by participating in activities and playing games.

Boki NFT has 132K followers on Twitter and 19.3K “Passing Bokis” on Discord, suggesting a high level of popularity for this project. Since minting on May 20, 2022, the Boki collection has had a growth of +800% and currently has a floor price of 0.84 with a trading value of 8.7k ETH.

Image Credit: Boki

The Boki Roadmap

The Boki roadmap includes IRL events like immersive gallery experiences, merch, whitelist giveaways, access to holder-exclusive commuity channel, free airdrops, and more!

How To Buy Boki?

Boki is based on Ethereum, and you can use  OpenSea to get it!