May 3

NettyArt NFT Podcast – Buy, Sell or Hold Top Ten NFTs On Opensea 4/31/22


NettyArt NFT Podcast Episode 3. In this short clip, we talk about Buy, Sell or Hold Top Ten NFTs On Opensea 4/31/22

Watch the full podcast:…

The NettyArt NFT Podcast discusses NFT News, Ratings, Upcoming Projects, and much more.

About the host: July Grullon is the Co-Founder and CEO at NettyArt July has been involved in multiple start-ups and businesses from luxury goods, motorsports & the payment industry. He has over a decade of experience in digital marketing & e-commerce.

Jonathan Colton Podcast Co-Host and Business Strategist at NettyArt Jonathan has been involved in start-ups and businesses from Healthcare & Consulting. He has over two decades of experience in business development, sales, and strategy.


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