Goblin Town: What Are They?

June 7

By lourdes


The Goblin Town NFT project is a collection of 9,999 generative NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain, which launched on May 19th. The goblin artworks are crooked and speak gibberish; even the 193 different traits and descriptions described on OpenSea appear Goblin blurbs. 

So why the hype? Why is this project scaling some of the most stable bluechip NFT projects?

Image Credit: Goblin Town NFT

Why Is Everyone Talking About Goblin Town NFT?

  • It’s taken this project nine days to reach 5.7 ETH. For a different perspective, it took BAYC an average time of 9-weeks to get a base price of 4.1 ETH
  • The mystery is enticing to the NFT community! No one knows who is behind this project; there are some speculations, but it’s not very clear overall. For now the team behind this project is anonymous.
  • There was nothing fancy about this NFT drop. The launch didn’t involve any marketing campaigns, whitelisting, or big announcements, yet it created enough hype to sell out. 
  • This project was free to mint + gas.
  • There’s no roadmap. Yes, that wasn’t a typo. This project launched with no roadmap, utility, or even discord…..yet despite the lack of a roadmap, they recently airdropped a Mcgoblin burger to holders.
  • NFTs owned by goblins can be repurposed at the owner’s discretion so that they can be commercialized in the way they choose.

We are not sure how long the hype for this project will go since they have broken every rule that we deem necessary for the success of a collection. However, we are intrigued and excited to see where it all goes.

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