Gucci Will Now Accept Cryptocurrency

May 10

By lourdes


Cryptocurrency has become popular during the past few years, and it’s finally getting the attention of the top luxury brands. Now, Gucci can add its name to the list. Gucci has announced that it will begin accepting some forms of cryptocurrency payments at the end of the month in some of its US stores. The brand also announced that it would extend the pilot plan to nearly all North American stores during the summer. This is just another sign that many people and companies believe that cryptocurrency will stay.

How the Crypto Payments Will Be Processed

Anyone interested in paying for their purchase in a cryptocurrency will receive an email link. The link will receive a QR code that is attached to their purchase. Then, using this QR code, users will be able to make payments from their cryptocurrency wallets.
Gucci will accept cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Shiba Inu, and Litecoin. Gucci has even announced that it will also accept Dogecoin. Some of the stores carrying this type of cryptocurrency payment include the Gucci store in Atlanta in Phipps Plaza, the Los Angeles store on Rodeo Drive, the Gucci store in the Miami Design District, and the New York shop in Wooster Street.

Gucci Is Also Entering the NFT World Through Web3

Now that Gucci is accepting cryptocurrency payments, it is a sign that it is furthering its involvement in the digital world. In addition, Gucci has shown that it is open to other forms of digital currency and payments as well, as it was one of the earliest adopters of Web3 technologies, which falls under blockchain technology. For example, the Gucci Vault Discord server was shared with the owners of two separate NFTprojects, including Gucci Grail and SuperGucci. Owners of these NFTs would have access to Gucci’s newest products before they are released to the general public. 

Gucci Crypto: The Future Is Bright for Gucci and Crypto

Gucci is not alone in its acceptance of crypto payments. For example, Off-White, which has stores in Milan, London, and Paris, has also announced that it will accept cryptocurrency as payment for its goods and services. When brands such as Gucci accept cryptocurrency payments, they can convert them back into fiat currencies on the back-end if they desire. Without a doubt, many people are excited that Gucci is going to accept cryptocurrency as payment for its goods and services. It will be exciting to see where it goes from here.