Why People Invest In NFTs

April 15

By lourdes


Investing in NFTs is personal. Even though we are all figuring it out as we go, getting involved in this rapidly evolving space means approaching it based on your interests.

Personally, what sparked my interest was the influential community of women in the crypto and NFT space. I am inspired by the inclusivity that comes with investing in a project. Historically, women have faced many challenges around finance, so this feels liberating. Decentralized financial systems improve transparency and equality and open doors for us that regulated systems never did. NFTs are proof of that. You don’t need a degree in finance to start learning and immersing yourself in NFTs. I have a degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Human Rights, and today I am empowered to invest in community-driven NFT projects and advocate for equal representation.

These are some of the reasons to invest in NFTs.


Some collectors care less about the money and more about the art. In an era where most of us spend more time digitally, NFTs make it possible for people to own digital art. Before the Non-Fungible Tokens, digital art was difficult to buy, except when artists decided to display it on physical media. More than just a transaction, the NFT space allows collectors to establish a relationship with the artists if they want to. The beauty of Web 3.0 fosters peer-to-peer collaboration. 


Whether you are a creator or investor, there’s a lot of money to be made in the NFT space. Nettyart provides our community with resources to guide them as they navigate this space. But just like anything else, investing in NFTs comes with its risk. Do your homework and learn best practices.

Social Causes

If supporting charitable causes while investing is your thing, you have so many options! It’s hard to come across a project that doesn’t have a charitable component. There’s a high probability that you can find a project supporting a cause you connect to. NFT collections focus on girls’ education, sustainable fashion, clean water, etc. Once you find a collection, look for the roadmap, that’s where you usually will find details of the charity they are supporting.


Finding projects with utility is essential because it will help you quantify the collection’s value. Projects like MetaFans, who have already created real-life VIP sporting events for their holders, Mavion, whose NFTs each come with a tangible fashion accessory, or the notable BAYC that comes with an exclusive membership to their community, all are proving that you can give value to their community.

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