The Miss O Cool Girls are a series of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs founded by a mother-daughter duo Juliette Brindak Blake and Hermine Brindak. Today we are excited to share more about this mission-driven project that’s changing the narrative and educating girls about crypto and web3.

What has been the best part and most challenging of launching an NFT collection?

Miss O Cool Girls is the first NFT project designed to celebrate + support girls and what it means to be a female of the future. Featuring unique and diverse traits of young teen girls – acne, braces, gap teeth – the mission is to empower and build self-esteem in girls to continue to offset how current media and social media consumption are leading to toxic bullying, trolling and negative role models. Through our Miss O Cool Girls, we want to help our community (and the world) feel less alone by emphasizing that there is no one definition of what it means to be a girl. The rarest girls will have the realest traits, and we love them so much for that. 

As the metaverse becomes a reality and this new technology evolves, it’s our chance to start it with the empowering narrative we want for girls. One that can change our world for the better with education, inclusion and involvement. 
We’ll be building out the pre-existing and established Miss O and Friends brand into web3, educate girls about crypto and web3, invest in other female NFT projects and donate a portion of initial sales to like-minded foundations aligned with our mission.

Image Credit: Miss O Cool Girls

What has been the best part and most challenging of launching an NFT collection?

WEB3 NEVER SLEEPS! Sorry for the caps, but it just felt necessary. I saw a meme recently that was like, I just learned the 3 in web3 stands for 3 hours of sleep, and I felt very seen.

We are committed to this long-term– it’s how I’m evolving my business. As I continue to show the value we are creating, it’s been amazing seeing the thoughtful community we are growing. That being said, we haven’t been a hype project, which is a big part of the NFT culture, especially when the top 30 OpenSea projects are consistently male-led.

Image Credit: Miss O Cool Girls

We love the work you are doing with Girls Who Mint Fund?  For those who are not familiar with it, can you tell us what the mission of this project is?

We launched our $25k Girls Who Mint Fund, our first commitment to education, providing 250 girls and women/non-binary the opportunity to receive $100 worth of ETH to use toward learning how to mint and buy their first NFT. This part can be scary and confusing, so we want to help take the pressure off and lower the barrier to entry to help them learn and get involved. Here are some updates on how it’s going! I also love this LinkedIn post from a mother-daughter who participated together. 

What are some exciting things happening on the roadmap for collectors?

We want to celebrate our moxie family’s creative and entrepreneurial talents, so we’ll be building out partnerships with members of our community. Our first partnership is with 13-year-old artist and designer Ariella Maizner, who created an exclusive line of sustainable Miss O Cool Girl NFT crews. Each sweatshirt includes a QR code to enter to win that NFT and education around web3.

We also have exciting things in the pipeline, like our minting milestone perks and how we plan to build our ecosystem

Our collectors will get access to:

  • DAO inspired decision making
  • Exclusive collabs + discounts
  • Exclusive content + web3 education seminars and speaking opportunities 
  • Access to IRL events: intimate dinners, coffee meetups, cocktails 

What are your favorite NFT collections?

Big fan of other female-led projects like The Hug, Mavion, MetaAngels and BFF. I love the art of Afro Chicks and I’m also excited about Boys Club. I’m also a huge fan of Nyla Hayes from Long Neckie Ladies. 

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