June 16

NFT Giveaway – Time Square NYC


NettyArt NFT Podcast Episode 5. In this short clip, we talk about

NFT Giveaway  – Time Square NYC

0:00 all right so let’s move on to uh

0:02 something that’s going to be exciting

0:03 july 4th

0:05 nft

0:06 giveaway times square yes how’s this

0:08 going to work yeah so we’ll add a link

0:11 under on the description and basically

0:15 you’ll just be able to go to our

0:18 instagram follow us and tag five of your

0:20 friends and you’ll have a chance to

0:22 display your nft in times square new

0:24 york city uh which is awesome right it’s

0:28 one of the ultimate flexes

0:30 in the nft space yeah so you know if you

0:33 if you’re a creator or a collector again

0:36  just go to the description follow us tag

0:39 five five people and again uh you know

0:43 enter for a chance to win


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