Project Highlight: Loser Club NFT Collectibles

April 26

By lourdes


Credit: Losers Club

Originally from Oakland, California, but raised in Seattle, Washington, J’von has always had a passion for visual arts and has drawn from a very early age. During his school years, he moved around a lot, making it difficult to maintain friendships. Art became his escape. He’s the founder and creative brain behind Loser Club. In addition to his music career, J’von has developed into a visual artist and musician. His main concern is to live a good life and take care of his small family.

What made this project stand out for us was the inclusivity and approach J’von has taken to launch this collection. J’von invited the community to have open conservations on the actual art of the collection even before launching. Holders now tell us that J’von was drawing LIVE and taking input from the audience as he was creating the artwork. Pretty cool, right?

Credit: Losers Club

Project Details

What is Loser Club

The Loser Club NFT collection features 10,000 Losers that are made up of over two hundred exciting traits.


Loser club celebrate non-conformity and spontaneous creativity. For real raw artwork, the real utility is behind getting to know the artist and and the people who determine value.

Project Goal

J’von’s goal is to sell art, give money back so holders can do whatever they want with it, and create a hub for all losers to commune and create together.