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Netty Ratings

We know that it can be overwhelming to decide which Upcoming NFTs to buy. So we created the first NFT ratings system, which measures 4 Key aspects of an NFT collection. NFT collectors can quickly see if an NFT project has been verified and has an original design, roadmap, and social media presence. We take great pride in providing our Netty Ratings and helping collectors identify which collection to further research.



The founder or creator's name and social links will need to be displayed on the NFT project website to earn this rating.


An NFT project that displays a unique design or characters will earn this rating. Note: Derivative projects will not be able to earn a rating for originality due to copyright and IP infringement.


A project that displays a roadmap on its website will earn this rating. An NFT Roadmap outlines specific marketing and growth milestones. Roadmaps can include merchandise, NFT drops, tokens, gaming, land, event access, etc.

Social Presence

An NFT collection will need a website and one of the following social media platforms such as discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to earn this rating.