Step by Step: How To Mint NFTs

April 28

By lourdes


Now that you have read our Beginner’s Guide To NFTs, and you’re ready to mint your first NFT, we are going to teach you how to purchase an NFT! If you are looking for a way to mint an NFT directly on the project’s website, there are several steps to follow.

They include:

Step 1: Find the Right Project

First, you need to find projects that will allow new investors to mint NFTs. One of the ways to do so is to take a look at the projects website and social media pages where they usually post details about important dates. You can also learn about new NFT projects on our “Upcoming NFT Project” section. This section is updated daily with projects on the Ethereum, Cardano and Solana blockchains.

Click here to view upcoming projects.

Step 2: Install MetaMask

It would help if you had a cryptocurrency wallet that would allow you to trade and mint NFTs. There are several wallets you can use but for the purpose of this guide we will choose Metamask.

Step 3: Create a MetaMask Account

If you have never used this crypto wallet, you need to create a MetaMask account. Click here to learn how to create an account. If you already have a MetaMask account, you can skip this step. Be sure to write down your seed phrase, as you might need this to recover your wallet later.

Step 4: Fund Your New Crypto Wallet

With a MetaMask account, you can now fund it using crypto. You will probably want to use ETH to mint your NFTs, as this is one of the most common cryptocurrencies used to pay for NFT projects. It’s necessary to have crypto before you mint NFTs – you won’t be able to purchase NFTs without it.

Step 5: Connect Your Wallet to the Website of the Project

Now that you have a funded MetaMask account, it is time to start minting your NFTs. To do this, you need to connect your wallet to the project’s website you want to use. There is a simple “Connect MetaMask” button you can press to link the wallet to the project. You might need to reload your browser and sign in again to confirm the connection.

Step 6: Mint NFTs for the NFT Marketplace

Now, you can mint NFTs. There might be a limit to the number of NFTs you can mint, and they vary depending on the project. In addition, pay close attention to the price of each project, as the cost can vary from collection to collection.

Here are a list of resources that we advise you to read before you mint:

Beginner’s Guide To NFTs – Start here! This guide is perfect for those learning about NFTs for the first time.

Ratings: We know that it can be overwhelming to decide which upcoming NFTs to buy. So we created the first NFT rating system, NettyStars, which measures 4 Key aspects of an NFT collection.

NFT Glossary 101: There’s so many new terms in the crytpo space and we don’t expect you know them all – click here to learn what they are.