Nettyart Team Highlight: Best Advice on NFTs

April 30

By lourdes


If you’re thinking about investing in NFTs, or if you’re already holding some and want to know what the best advice is, here are a few things the Nettyart team wants you to keep in mind.

1. The NFT market is very volatile and most NFTs will become worthless. Invest Wisely.

– July Grullon, Founder and CEO

Our founder, July Grullon strongly believes that blue-chip projects are the way to go. He advises you to consider the Gen 2 or Gen 3 collection if they are out of financial reach. For example, Vee Friends are now trading at 9 ETH; however, you can buy into Garvy Vees NFT ecosystem by buying a V2 priced at 1 ETH. This also applies to Bored Ape, World Of Women, Cool Cats, Cyber Kongz, Deadfellaz, Robotos, etc.

2. Be patient and don’t make emotional decisions. 

– Ivan Ferrera, Chief Technology Officer

Patience is necessary for this game! Prices go up and down, and if you genuinely believe in a particular NFT project, give it time. It’s okay to change your mind or position; do so logically.

3. Do your research.

– Alcides Aguasvivas, Co-Founder President

It all begins with research. Don’t invest in a project based only on popularity; invest in something you like because if the value goes down, you still have something you want to look at.

4. Make sure they have a strong community.

-Daniel Otero, Data Specialist

If you are interested in a collection and need to see their social networks, never search separately. Always try to go to their website and redirect yourself to their social networks so you will avoid losing your money in possible scams.

5. Invest in projects with mission.

– Lourdes Martin, Managing Editor

Investing in projects with a strong mission is vital because you cannot only make money but you’re also giving back. NFT projects create a new future where philanthropy and ownership are coming together.

6. Find an NFT collection that has something “valuable.” 

– Johann Rodriguez, Co-Founder COO

New NFT investors must find a collection that has something “valuable.” Whether it is the type of art, the benefits of the collection, or what the company stands for. Johann believes that finding a connection is an excellent start to determining how much you are willing to put into your research and finances.  

7. Spend more time learning than you spend time buying

– Jonathan Colton, Podcast Co-Host / Strategist

People are more focused on jumping on the latest NFT trends without even learning about the insights of Web3. Take your time learning the industry; it will help you in the long run.

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