Are you launching an NFT collection and wondering where you should focus your social media marketing efforts, or are you a collector interested in networking with NFT communities? Well, today, we will discuss the two most popular platforms: Twitter AND Instagram. Both have specific benefits regarding NFT communities and marketing, but which one is better? Of course, the answer is that it depends, but there are several key points that everyone should keep in mind.

Instagram and Zuckerburg Have Announced That NFTs Are Coming To Instagram

First, Instagram has a larger community than Twitter, but not by much. Instagram has approximately 300 million users, while Twitter has about 284 million users. With more users, NFT minters might have an easier time reaching their target market on Instagram. Mark Zuckerburg has already announced that a few specific features could make it easier to market NFTs on Instagram.

According to a video that has already been released, NFTs will appear as “digital collectibles” on Instagram. Zuckerberg has ensured that both the owner and creator will be listed next to the NFT as it is displayed, and the NFT itself will shimmer.

As far as marketing goes, Instagram is already a robust eCommerce platform. Therefore, it is relatively easy for users to transition to buying, and selling NFTs. There are a lot of niche communities on Instagram that can work well for certain types of NFTs. In particular, those whose NFT utility come with perks such as concert passes or apparel might have more success on Instagram because these niche areas cater to the user base. Lastly, Instagram works well for NFT artists looking to display their work because it’s considered a visual-first platform. This can work well for NFT collections focused on images, photography, and different types of media.

Twitter Has Already Launched its Own NFT Integration

Twitter has been the go-to social media platform for cryptocurrency and crypto marketing. The key difference between the two platforms is that Twitter is primarily text-based while Instagram is mostly visual.

Even though Facebook and Instagram have already announced what they will do with NFTs, Twitter announced their plans simultaneously. The big difference with Twitter is that this platform allows people to use an NFT as their profile picture. In addition, Twitter has another significant leg up on Instagram, as users can link their accounts to their crypto wallets. Given that Twitter already allows users to link their crypto wallets to their accounts, it is only a matter of time before Twitter allows people to buy and sell NFTs.

It’s important to note that there is already a highly engaged NFT and Crypto community on Twitter, so as far as finding an already engaged community with a basic knowledge of crypto, Twitter makes a lot sense.

Social Media Is Embracing NFTs: The Future

Social media is embracing the world of NFTs. As the market continues to grow, social media platforms will only become more involved, seeking to influence the direction of future technology. Therefore, regardless of whether someone is looking for an NFT community or a place to market a specific NFT, Twitter and Instagram are both solid options. If there is one takeaway from our research is that you can’t afford to just choose one platform, it’s necessary to be on both.